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Introduction to the Dragonwoods

The Dragonwoods

By Amanda Hart          


         Long ago the humanoid race, the Devrakis, were drawn to a mysterious new realm by a magical force that pulsed across time and space. When they found the source of the magic they burst into the realm to steal it. They were quickly met with resistance by the Dragons and humans who lived there. However the Devrakis learned how to consume the magic of this world and were twisted into terrifying beings.
            Their once beautiful race was turned into hideous monsters. The magic had given them razor sharp teeth, clawed hands, slitted eyes and dark purple skin. The magic had twisted their bodies into their new form since they intended to use it for ill intent. Yet they were empowered with new abilities. Incredible strength, speed, agility and they now could only be killed by the magic of the Dragonwoods.
            Dragons had always lived in harmony with the humans and were born from magical trees, the Dragonwoods. Their creator was the mystical deity they referred to as Mother. Her magic was the life force of all magic within the human realm and her magic had drawn the Devrakis there. When she learned what the Devrakis had done with the magic they had stolen Mother told her children to bond with the humans to keep themselves and their human charges safe. Only together could they defeat this new foe.
            The humans had always found the Dragons to be friends when they were in need and were quick to bond with the Dragons. Those humans who were soldiers that had bonded with the Dragons quickly assembled to fight the Devrakis. They called themselves the Dragon Guard. Together Dragon and Man fought the Devrakis for hundreds of years until finally the Last Dragon and the Prince Slayer defeated the army and sent them back to their realm. With great magic and loss they sealed the Devrakis into their realm so they could not return.
            However it wasn’t a permanent seal on their realm to ours. Mother knew that one day the seal would break and that the Devrakis would return again to try and steal magic from our world. Knowing this she gave her children the instructions to leave all future generations of Dragonwood eggs in their trees. To the Last Dragon she gave instructions to find a human worthy to look after the Dragonwoods in the stead of the Dragons.
            The Last Dragon found the Hart Family and passed the knowledge of the Dragonwoods to them and all that was foretold to pass. The Last Dragon had watched the family for a long time and found that they had an innate ability to find Dragonwood. The family had been Wandmakers for many years and were always respectful of the woods. However when she found the youngest Hart son in the woods performing a ritual to ask for the blessing of the woods she knew that this family would be the one who would carry the burden and gift of the Dragonwoods.
            With that knowledge and gift they became the first Dragonwood Guardians and ever since have been charged with caring for the woods until the day the first Dragonwood Egg would reveal itself. When that day came they would be tasked with finding all the eggs they could and passing them to the next generation of Dragon Guard. When the time is right the Dragons will hatch from their eggs and start training for the next war. Only together will we defeat the Devrakis once more.

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  • Kristina on

    Love the story and excited to hear more about the Hart family/Dragonwood Guardians and Dragonwood Eggs.

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