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The Warlord and His Dragon

                I have served my family for many years. My first bond was with Sisham when he was a young hatchling. A dragon once it emerges will seek out the human they are meant to bond with. Some happen the first day after emerging while others could take up to a few weeks. Ours took a week after I emerged from my egg and together we learned and grew together. With Sisham on my back I learned to fly and when I matured he was the first to see my fires once they burned. Graduating to Dragon Guard status was one of the most exciting days of my life. Going to battle with Sisham was so very different than I pictured it would be. We fought many battles together against the Devrakis and it was a worthy bond between human and dragon, but it wasn’t that of a true match.

                However when Sisham’s son, Rashim, was born I knew that this was the human I was meant for. As a dragon we had long lifetimes compared to our human counterparts and when first hatched we usually didn’t know who we were meant for. We loved our families, but there was always one human we considered to be more “ours” than the rest. Mother, our deity, had the “knowing”. She knew when we were needed by our human. Some of us would grow with our true match, while others like myself, would be fully matured when our human was born. Every journey was different for dragon and human, but each had a purpose that only Mother knew of.

                Rashim was my true bond match. Looking into his eyes for the first time I swore I’d give my life for him. It was only fitting that I scarified part of my magic to save his life later in life. I watched over Rashim as he grew older and was filled with new purpose as we graduated to Dragon Guard together. For some dragons the second or third time was dull, but with Rashim it was a new experience. Our bond was stronger and more often than not words were not needed between us. There was no need as he and I were of the same mind.

                Rashim once he finished school was a Warlord. With great sword in hand he was the first into battle. Our time on the front was filled with danger and excitement. Never knowing if we would live to see another day we fought the Devrakis back into their territory and out of ours. Man and Dragon we took on the fiercest Devra General, and won. These are our stories….


To be continued

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